Working for us is to work with us. Employees are at Power Brands partner – always at eye level with colleagues, as well as superiors.

We have learned that we can generate the best results for us and our customers only with each other. The cooperation is with us to each other.

We characterize an atmosphere of mutual respect, always in accordance with the best solution for the customer.

We expect this much and but also give everything – never vain, always results-oriented and highly professional. Working with us is to grow with us.


Advise means first of all understanding people. If we are looking for consultants, we are looking for people understanders.


Whether online or offline – has many communication formats. Specialists that we seek in the area of creation, are broad and have knowledge as artworkers, copywriters, designers, graphic designer or information architect.


Communication without technology is today as once communication without paper. Anyone wanting to master communication today must also understand the techniques of the channels and control. If we are looking for engineers, we are looking for people with communication and understanding in-depth technical knowledge.